About Service

Object Storage S3 is a scalable storage service based on Software Defined Storage technology. It is 98% compatible with Amazon S3 and backup software. Access to data can be obtained from anywhere via API.

Why Us

Object storage can process a large files of arbitrary content and has the ability to work from any geographical location with data of any type and volume.

Savings. You pay only for the amount of data stored.

High reliability and detailed SLA agreement.

Data storage in Russia. Tier III OST data center.

Security and control of data access and transmission.

Free trial for 2 weeks.

24/7 technical support via email and phone.

Compatible with Amazon S3 RESTful API.

Ability to work from anywhere with files of any type and volume.

SLA Guarantee


The detailed agreement of SLA for all customers of the “S3 Storage” service presents the parameters for which we are financially liable.


Service availability

60 requests per second

Minimum read/write speed for files less than 1 MB

1,25 Gbps/s

Minimum read/write speed for files over 100 MB