About Service

We offer a comprehensive platform for corporate communication based on the domestic CommuniGate Pro product included into the Unified Register of the Russian Software. It will allow you to fulfill import substitution tasks and regulatory requirements. And we will help you with migration from foreign services and platforms: Office 365, Google Workspace, Exchange.


Why Us


Personal settings: user password settings, limits on mailbox and file storage, interface, tags, bin management, etc.

Antispam and antivirus

Proprietary antispam tools (black and white lists, RBL, filtering by recipients and senders), ability to connect external filters, e.g. Kaspersky.

Web messengers

The CGP has a wide range of integration tools. VC Connector is for integration with videoconferencing systems; Messenger Connector is responsible for integration with messengers.


Easily configure the frequency of a new log file, storage depth, possibility of sending events to external server with an ability to filter it on different levels.


Authenticate users through Active Directory and use AD as an address book.


User data, user and server settings are stored in a directory that you can back up in any convenient way.


The CommuniGate Pro Server provides access to certain resources only for certain users.

Mailing groups

You can create mailing groups for sending messages to multiple users at once.

SLA Guarantee


The detailed agreement of SLA for all customers of the “CommuniGate Pro” service presents the parameters for which we are financially liable.

21 minutes a month

Maximum downtime

≤ 4 hours

Recover a remote message from a backup

≤ 15 minutes

Incident response